Stacking Cheerios on your sleeping baby’s head is now a thing

Your challenge, if you choose to accept, is to see how many Cheerios (the cereal, not the red sausage variety) you can stack on your sleeping baby’s head.

Yes,  this is a thing. And it’s a challenge that dads around the globe are taking very, very seriously.

cheerio baby cute

Appropriately known as the Cheerio Challenge, and coined by Life of Dad Facebooker, Patrick Quinn, the challenge comes with its own hashtag (#cheeriochallenge) and several photos of the successes of parents.

cheerio baby dummy

Because, as we all know, there is nothing sweeter to watch than a sleeping baby.

And, I suppose, stacking items on top of a baby’s head would be quite interesting, especially when suffering from sleep-deprivation hallucinations (or after a few drinks).

cheerio baby cheek

So, just what does the Cheerio Challenge entail? It’s quite simple.

  1. Step One: Put baby to sleep.
  2. Step Two: One by one, stack Cheerios on top of baby’s head.
  3. Step Three: Take a photo of your stack.

cheerio baby top of head

Patrick Quinn, founder of Life of Dad, tells BuzzFeed that he got the idea for the challenge while playing with his 3-week-old son, Maxton.

“I put one Cheerio on his nose, and then tried to see how many I could stack, and it kind of just went from there,” Quinn said.

cheerio baby girl
The most common stacking surface appears to be the top of the head or the forehead but some dads are using their little ones’ noses, backs, and cheeks as resting places for the breakfast favourite.

cheerio baby nose

And some dads are thinking outside the cereal box and have resorted to stacking other goodies easily found around the house.

cheerio baby donut

Like doughnuts.

cheerio baby pancake

And pancakes.

cheerio baby froot

And Froot Loops.

cheerio baby reeses

And even Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (which we don’t get here in Australia, but just take my word for it, are pretty much the greatest invention ever – for eating, not stacking on heads).

cheerio baby tinned cans

Tinned tomatoes appear to work too.

cheerio baby winner

So, who is taking over the throne so far? One user on Reddit posted this rather impressive stack, which, according to his write-up, took ten hours to complete.

But many people are suggesting the father should be disqualified as it looks like a foreign substance (glue) was used to rig the competition.

Clearly, dads are taking this challenge very seriously. Check out some other things Dads get up to with their little ones.

(via Life of Dad)

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