Stacking Beds – stacked up to be fabulous


It actually took me a minute to understand the design principle and intention behind the Müller Möbelwerkstätten stacking beds for kids. The questions going through my head were ‘why stack?’ and ‘what for?’ It all makes sense now and I want one – or a few – for my little one.

Originally designed in 1966 by Rolf Heide, the modern modular stacking beds are designed to be completely flexible, mobile and practical. Perfection for small bedrooms, start off with one bed for a tot and later on, place another bed next to it to instantly create a double bed! Or if you have limited space and two kids, the beds can be simply stacked upon one another during the day to allow space for play, then pulled apart at night for sleep time. A few would also accommodate your child’s friends for a sleepover. The possibilities are truly endless and that’s just what Rolf Heide had in mind when creating it.

Perfection for our busy lifestyles, it’s available in an array of gorgeous colours. You’ll need to contact Müller Möbelwerkstätten for pricing and delivery information to Australia.

(Via Minor Details)


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