SRC Pregnancy Leggings, a must for sore aching muscles

So I am thirty weeks into my third pregnancy and feeling it. I cruised through my first two pregnancies, but this time everything seems just that little bit more stretched and I am finding it harder to move, with more pain . So when I read about SRC Pregnancy Shorts I decided this was something I needed to try.

The SRC pregnancy shorts and legging are designed to provide pain relief and general support to the pelvis and lower back during pregnancy. I have been wearing mine for about a week now and can really feel the difference when they are on, as I feel more supported and have less pain in my hips. They are lightweight too so are also very comfortable to wear.

These shorts and leggings can be worn to help with pregnancy related lower back pain, pelvic instability, pelvic girdle pain, varicose veins and can be useful for women who want to keep working and exercising during pregnancy.

Now for all the technical bits that explain exactly how they work. According to SRC, the gentle compression of the shorts promotes supporting pressure to the pelvis and stimulates the underlying muscles to remain active, which helps make the pelvic joints more stable. The reinforced gusset design supports the perineum, reducing symptoms of incontinence (Yep, really pregnant women will understand what they mean about that bit). The graduated compression in the maternity leggings places pressure on the veins to reduce blood pooling and aching symptoms of varicose veins and swollen legs.

I started this pregnancy needing regular physio because it hurt to take a step. The cost involved, as well as the physio telling me that ‘I am having this pain because I have no muscles in my bottom to hold the extra weight of the pregnancy’, I am much happier and it’s far more cost-effective to wear these leggings.

I sometimes wear the leggings in bed too because I find it supports my pelvis when I roll over, and as I go further into my third trimester I’m sure I’ll be relying on these even more.

I’ll be trying the SRC Recovery Shorts after the baby is born and will let you know how this product works. They are meant to provide relief for post-delivery aches and pains, and help regain a pre-baby body quicker with gentle support and compression to the upper and lower abdominal muscles.

While I will spare you a photo of me in my new leggings, I can confidently recommend this product based on my own experience so far.

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