Springfree – simply the safest trampolines in the world

I’ve got two little boys who keep me running all day long, from the second they’re awake to the moment their eyes close at night. I wouldn’t change their vibrant, spirited natures for anything but there are days I wish they were the placid type, simply because I get so exhausted.

I had the same energy as a child and my most loved plaything was my trampoline. I was on it night and day jumping, having picnics with my teddies underneath, or just gazing at the sky and contemplating the awesomeness of the huge expanse above me. Until recently I missed that special place terribly, and wished for one for me and my boys. I have an inner city backyard, large by most standards, but I thought a trampoline would render the space unuseable. The amount of trampoline-related injuries also concerned me.

I started researching trampolines to see what was available. Friends and family had been raving about Springfree trampolines in terms of quality and safety, so I went to their website and also canvassed other brands available at retail outlets. It soon became clear Springfree were the standout and that for a bit more money, we’d have a trampoline that’s the safest anywhere in the world.

Fibreglass rods are installed underneath the mat and the frame. Your child doesn’t even run the risk of falling on springs because there are none. The padding found over springs of conventional trampolines and on the metal support poles can often degrade within a year or two. Springfree took padding out of the equation entirely, providing a clean, supple edge all the way to the flexible netting. In fact all of the hazards common to trampolines were eliminated, leaving one that is clean-lined, safe and of industrial quality. You will find them at playcentres and they’re the only trampolines on the market endorsed by Kidsafe.

Now that ours is installed and in full use, I can honestly say our Springfree has revolutionised our home life. By adhering to the safety advice of one child on at a time, I really do get some peace and a break from running after them all day. The kids are happy, comfortable and safe, and they’re expending a lot of energy and getting fitter. I have enjoyed some bounce time myself and in those moments have felt blissfully child-like again. My four-year-old and I go ‘night bouncing’ each night when little brother is in bed, and we star gaze, tickle and laugh on our elevated bouncy bed. Yep, it’s love!

I don’t know what they put in the water in New Zealand, but some amazing products continue to be designed over there and this is one of them. Check out this comparison video about why Springfree are the safest.

Choose from three sizes – two large and one small. We have the small one which goes perfectly in our compact yard – even city dwellers have a Springfree option! The large round model is $1495, the large capsule shape is $1545, and the small round trampoline is $945 plus shipping.

Springfree can arrange delivery and installation. Our trampoline was installed inside half an hour by a cheerful representative. By not having shopfronts or agents, Springfree keep the costs down, making these state of the art trampolines accessible to many. They even have layby for Christmas so jump in now and make your own payment plan!

For more technical information (of which there is plenty), please see the Springfree site. It’s evident that years of research has gone into this amazing design.


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