Spray Pal solves an icky question for cloth nappy users

Any parent considering cloth nappies might wonder, what do you do with the poo? It’s a fair question, and it’s one that’s been answered by Spray Pal, a sort of waste channel and spray shield in one that helps you neatly wash the poo down the toilet. Sound gross? C’mon, we’re all parents and we can handle a lot worse!

Spray Pal ($34) was developed by a wife and husband team back when they were new parents and weighing the benefits of cloth nappies versus disposable. Not wanting their daughter’s nappies to go in the landfill, they started looking at cloth options, and quickly arrived at the issue of cleaning the cloth.

We won’t gross you out with too many details. Suffice it to say, trying to coax waste from a nappy into a toilet can be a stinky and potentially splashy situation. Spray Pal makes the process as hands free as it can possibly be. Cartoonist Erin Human illustrates it best:

Spray Pal Cartoon

Spray Pal is available online, and there are myriad accessories to go with, including cloth nappies, sprayers and wet bags. Shipping to Australia is $20.

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