Splish, splash! 7 ways bathing baby gives you a full body workout

Baby in bath with bubbles

If you, like me, operated on the assumption that the smaller the person, the smaller the task of bathing would be, it is likely that you, like me, were proven completely and utterly wrong!

Of course, there is nothing more divine than the magical power held in the sniff of a freshly bathed babe’s sweet little noggin. But don’t let that magic fool you, bathing your baby takes planning, muscle, a strong reflex game and a mighty sense of adventure.

Brave enough? Let’s go …

All the ways bathing your baby takes everything you’ve got

How bathing your bub is a full body workout!

Any parent will tell you that bathing your bub gives you quite the workout! Here are 5 splashy ways bathing your baby is the best workout around.

Posted by Babyology on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

It’s universally known that babies can emit, sometimes simultaneously, the most pleasant and the most unpleasant of scents. When the latter occurs, there is no surer way to get back to the former than giving your baby a bath.
Here’s what you’ll need …

1. You’ll need brain power

Not easy to come by in those newborn days, for sure. However, bathing your baby will take some forward planning. Before you even think about dipping that baby into a warm, sweet smelling bath you need to ensure that within a reachable radius, you have your trusted baby bathing products:

  • a washer
  • another pair of hands (if available)
  • some kind of vessel for rinsing off suds
  • a towel for them
  • a towel (or two) for you
  • a spot to place your new clean baby
  • clothes to dress them in
  • a nappy

… I mean, my wedding took less planning than bathing the kids!

baby having a bath

2. You’ll need muscle

How heavy can one baby bath full of water be? Very! And awkward. Your arms will never look so toned.

3. You’ll need good reflexes

Statistically, you’re never more likely to get pee in your eye than when you’re negotiating the bathing or dressing of a naked baby.

4. You’ll need focus

Imagine this scenario: You’ve done your planning, everything you need is set up and ready to go. You turn on the tap to fill the bath and begin the task of undressing bub. Bub smiles, you’re sure of it! You know it’s not wind like everyone keeps saying, so you grab your phone, ready to film and begin cooing.

Baby does it again, you miss it. Repeat. You finally catch it and share it to your socials.

Pleased and proud, you can’t resist picking up bub and smooshing their little face with a thousand kisses, because how on earth did you get lucky enough to get the best baby in the world?

And then you feel the water lapping at your toes, because you’ve managed to flood half of your living area.

See? Focus. It’s not easy.

5. You’ll need patience

Your baby will either love the bath, or take some time to get used to it. Either way, you’re going to need some patience. It’s going to take a while to work out where all of the rolls and folds are in your new little person. Babies have a way of, erm … ‘storing’ milk and and other fun things in places you didn’t even know possible.

6. You’ll need to be flexible

Remember when I said ‘reachable radius’ earlier? Yeah, well you forgot about strategic placement after the living room flood, so that towel you need now is about three inches out of the radius. You’re going to need to lunge.

7. You’ll need heart

A heart? Huh?

I’m serious. A heart.You’re going to need a new one, because after you settle in and cuddle that newly bathed and dressed baby … yours will be completely stolen.

(This is a sponsored post for Cetaphil Baby)

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