Spin, rock and roll in the Play Top


The most played-with toys at our place are the ones that can be anything my childrens’ imagination want them to be, whether it’s a cubby house, a space rocket or a football goal. And if it can spin, rock or roll then that’s a bonus.

So I can’t wait to get my hands on this fab Play Top. A little like an oversized spinning top, it comes with no rules or instructions (who needs them?) and is designed to encourage creativity and imagination. You can hide in it, roll each other around in it, and mainly have fun in it.

It reminds me a bit of those spinning cups for toddlers you find in good play parks (mental note: do not try and squeeze into one of these yourself, especially if you’re eight months pregnant — not a good look).

Luckily the Play Top is bigger than the park versions — 80cm diameter — and has a raised, rounded edge to protect children’s fingers from getting rolled over. It’s aimed at three year olds and up, but I know that my rough-and-tumble one year old would love having a go too.

It’s just over $90 from UK-based company Great Little Trading Co plus shipping costs.

(via KidsHaus)

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