Speccles – keeping eyewear on bespectacled kids

Speccles strap

Speccles strap

Having to wear glasses shouldn’t preclude kids from being kids – so here’s a snappy idea to help bespectacled children run and play without fear of losing their eyewear.

Australian mum-of-three Amy Mochi devised the Speccles strap after her daughter was prescribed glasses at eighteen months (that’s the gorgeous Neva at the top of the post). She needed something to stop Neva pulling the glasses off, and allow her daughter to play as normal, without fear of having them fall off her face.

Speccles strap

I’m in awe of this simple yet brilliant idea. Children already have enough angst when told they have to wear glasses, so it’s great to have something that can allow them to continue to play (including hanging upside down, and swinging on monkey bars) without worrying their glasses may slip off.

Speccles strap

Speccles straps come in five widths to suit most glasses arms and can be simply cut to length with scissors. They’re made from high-quality, Australian made plastic, and are clear rather than gaudy like neoprene straps.

An assorted sizes starter pack of five Speccles straps costs about $12.70, with free delivery worldwide.

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