Son’s serious(ly funny) note revokes mum’s parenting privileges

When we become parents, it is inevitable that at some point we will open our mouths and sound just like our parents. But is any parent ever prepared for the moment their children use their own parenting style against them?

Children love to mimic the world around them and, given we parents make up a large part of their world, it makes sense they become small reflections of us.

It can make for some hard challenges but it can also have some hilarious outcomes such as this gorgeous handwritten note posted to Reddit, which has been shared more than 6000 times.

User leability captioned the photo: “My cousin got her mommy privileges revoked for tonight”.

Note to mum

“Mommy, don’t come read with me. I am mad at you. And I will tuck my own self in. Senserly (sic), Owen,” the handwritten note says.

We can only imagine what the mum receiving this note did to deserve this harsh punishment, but it prompted many to share similar childhood moments.

“My preschooler punishes me when I’ve been a ‘bad mummy’ by putting himself to bed,” one user wrote.

“My daughter storms off and says I’m not her best friend anymore when she’s mad at me. Both adorable and slightly heart-breaking,” another user added.

Personally, I have to fight the giggles when my son tries to put me in time-out for things like forgetting to buy more of his favourite cereal.

Just the other day, he took himself to his room because I washed his favourite costume and it wasn’t dry for him to wear immediately. “I’m going to my room. You need to say sorry mummy,” he told me.

What have your kids done to discipline you when you’ve done the wrong thing around the house? Let us know!

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