Something to crow about


Everyone knows babies respond best to black and white in the early days. So where oh where are all the black and white cot mobiles? Not in any baby shop I’ve been to. My two had to settle for a pastel-toned number dangling over the cot in their nursery. It looked sweet and suitably babyish but I’m still not convinced they actually ever really saw it, if you know what I mean.

So Babyology are proud to present this fabulously monotonal mobile we’ve discovered that will give newborns everywhere something to actually focus on. In that adorably cross-eyed way that only newborns have, of course. As the crow flies is a beyond-stylish hanging mobile from Canada’s Contexture Design studio that’s handmade from recycled black paper and salvaged roadmaps.

The mobile features a family of crows flying back to their nest. Co-designer Nathan Lee tells us it’s designed especially for those hip parents who want something other than the usual super-cute Disney-like products. We’re hearing you, Nathan!

You can grab one for $49 Canadian, with free shipping all the way to Australia. Stone the crows! How good is that? The other good bit is, unlike my pastel one, you won’t have to ditch this mobile as your baby grows.

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