Sock buddies


Who could imagine a sock could be converted into such an environmentally-friendly and cute stuffed toy?

Sok-O, founded by three Los Angeles-based designers and one Taiwan-based designer makes use of perfectly placed accessories such as a button for an eye or the opening of an elephant trunk as well as using the existing textiles and specific characteristics of the socks to give birth to a lovable, snugly character.

Being handmade and produced in limited runs, no two Sok-O toys are the same. Du-Lee the cat is pretty and perky and believes in the power of love. She loves surprises, gifts, parties and shopping. Good times only get better when Mrs Du-Lee in around — happier than a Cheshire Cat. Dazzze, the pig, is always slipping over and getting down and dirty when it comes to eating; she loves food and especially snacks and goodies. Choose whichever friend relates best to you! Who could resist these cuddly creatures?

Sok-O friends cost $US49 each.


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