Snugipops – comfort toys for a super stylish sleep

Kids need the strangest things to fall asleep: a spiky plastic dinosaur that’s anything but cuddly, a tattered blankie loved so intensely it’s turned grey, or for pigs to fly. I wonder, if parents offered up more stylish comforters, would kids take the bait? It’s worth a try, especially if they end up imprinting on something as stylish as a Snugipop comforter.

Snugipops are an Australian-designed, monochromatic twist on the original comforter. Inspired by superheroes, each Snugipop ($39.95) represents a different character, some you might see in your Netflix queue and others old school. The heads are cute, in a wide-eyed anime way, and super soft; the fabric is 100 per cent organic cotton. Even the dyes are non-toxic, so babies who like to eat everything can safely go to town.

Snugipops Wonder Woman BatMan

There are traditional superhero comforters like the masked Batty Boy, Clarkie Kent or the very beatnik chic, cats eyeglasses-wearing Catty Girl. There’s also a Panda Poe who’s decorated with bamboo, and Jesse Moo, a ginger cowgirl decorated with cow spots.

Snugipops Mr Infinity and Cat Girl

We love the monochromatic designs punctuated with hits of colour and pattern. Snugipops take the worn out comfort blanket and re-imagine it so it would look right at home on the pages of a glossy design mag.

Snugipops are sold out on the website, but A Little Bit of Cheek has the full range in stock.

Snugipops FB

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