Sleeping Bags – chic…wherever you are!


Camping doesn’t bring to mind the ultimate in chic aesthetics.
Daggy walking shoes, parachute material in dingy, practical
colours, hastily put up tents and unreliable camp stoves are much
closer to the mark.

Now it seems even the outdoors world is
being touched by the magic wand of high design. Check out these
amazingly gorgeous
sleeping bags
available in black and white stag, and red and white hare designs,
you’ll have the comforts of home even when camped out in the bush.
Never mind the unnerving sound of wild animals sorting through your campfire ashes in the middle of the
night – snuggle up tight in the knowledge that you have the chicest
sleeping bag ever made.

Full size so suitable for both adults and children, the inner
and outer linings are cotton and the innards are stuffed with hollow fibre filling – all machine washable of course.

This is probably the bag
for summer trips and kiddy sleepovers rather than trekking
through snowy terrain in the depths of winter. I’ve been caught before with bedding not warm enough for night time temperatures, and I was not a happy camper. We don’t do much camping these days, but I can see these being great for sleepovers.

They are currently UK£36.50 plus shipping from
Pedlars Webstore.

(Via Ohdeedoh)

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