Baby sleeping bag round-up for beautiful dreamers

Some babies are easy sleepers, and some babies suffer from severe FOMO, believing that ice-cream-bubble-puppy parties start the second they close their eyes.

Whether you’re blessed with a child who drifts serenely off to dreamland, or with one who stands at the end of her cot and yells until you let her sleep in your bed – bedtime is better with a beautiful sleeping bag. We’ve rounded up our knock-me-down favourite sleeping bags, chosen for comfort and for butt-kicking designs.


Anatology from Paris is unrivaled when it comes to hyper-real, graphic prints and stunning colours. Sleeping bag designs are brilliantly vivid, decorated with animals that look like they’re about to leap to life. With a cotton poplin outer shell and deliciously soft cotton voile lining, these bags aren’t just cool, they’re cosy too.

Purebaby Sleeping Bag

Designer of classic clothes for babies and kids, Purebaby is one of our local loves. Whether it’s designing traditional duffle coats, pretty sundresses, or a dreamy sleeping bag collection, Purebaby sticks to a restrained colour palette and timeless designs. There are plenty of hot days ahead, so there’s lots of time to enjoy the summer sleep sack collection with its muslin 0.5 TOG and cotton 1.0 TOG bags in shades of blue, red and white, set off with chambray piping, and pops of pink and orange.


Scandinavian designer Garbo & Friends riffs off the traditional sleeping bag, giving it special design details like a rounded bottom edge, pintucked centre seams and little pointed collars. The sleeping bags are part of Garbo & Friends’ wider linen collection, and there are plenty of solid pastels or delicate prints to choose from.


If Anatology is at the contemporary end of the design spectrum, Dutch designer Fresk is at the adorable end, creating sleeping bags, pyjamas and bedding with childlike whimsy. The sleeping bags are printed with fun nursery patterns like sweet pairs of elephants or spouting whales, with zips, necklines and armholes bordered with pretty contrasting trim.


Merino Kids has reshaped the sleeping bag with the Go Go Bag, leaving the bottom wide and loose to accommodate kicking feet, and making the bodice slim with adjustable armholes so that the bag stays firmly in place and doesn’t bunch. Although the Go Go Bag is lined with merino that doesn’t mean it’s too warm for warm weather. The fabric is ideal for temperatures of 18°C to 30°C, and in colder weather a couple of extra pyjama layers will do the trick to keep babies toasty.

MeeluMeelu - bunting sack 800 FB

If you feel like chilly bright winter days can’t come soon enough, get some cold weather inspiration from the hand knitted garments by Meelu Meelu from Lithuania. Made from naturally hypo-allergenic alpaca wool, Meelu Meelu’s sleep sacks have oversized cosy hoods, big coconut buttons and a slit for car seat and pram harnesses. Just the thing for rugging up for a brisk morning winter walk.

Body pic House of Jamie

If a bit of pattern is more your style, House of Jamie’s black and white horizontal striped tuxedo travel bags are ideal for cold weather outings, and more washing machine friendly than a handknitted piece.

emmm sleeping bag

We just wrote about Eenie Meeni Miini Moh’s autumn winter collection, and while you should definitely check out the whole thing – it’s a circus of fun – the gorgeous sleeping bags are stand-out pieces. Wide bottomed, gently cinched with elastic on the waist sides and available in a range of prints that perfectly match the full Enfant sleep collection, Eeni Meeni Miini Moh’s sleeping bags are total, colourful luxury.

Puckababy Spring

Technically clever and totally versatile, Puckababy’s Bag 4 Seasons is brilliant. The design is adjustable, covering temperature ratings from 0.5 to 2.5 TOG, it has zip off sleeves and layers, and detachable fleece mittens. Add to that the pattern choices from florals to spots to solids, and you’ve got yourself one sophisticated sleeping bag.

Baby Studio Studio Bag_2

We’ll leave you with some of the brightest prints in the biz – Baby Studios’ Studio Bag. Studio Bags are reversible with a snugly jersey on one side for winter and woven cotton on the other for summer. It’s the prints that make these bags really special, like rows of shocking pink bunnies punctuated with teal armholes and zipper trims.

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