The Sleeper portable baby bassinet from Puckababy

Of all the challenges of getting babies to sleep, this one may be the most tricky: how to do the fabled “transfer”. For the uninitiated, that’s when you move a sleeping baby from pram to cot without waking them. The Sleeper by Puckababy may be the answer.

The Sleeper is a portable bassinet made from lightweight cotton and equipped with a SIDS safe mattress. It forms a secure cocoon around your baby so she feels safe and encouraged to quit it with all the cat-napping.

It can be used to keep baby snug and safe in the early weeks in bassinet style prams, but has a multitude of other uses too.

Puckababy Sleper Travel

If you’ve ever rocked a baby in an heavy capsule car seat until your forearms burned, you’ll understand the genius of the Sleeper’s attached handles that let you rock the whole lot, baby and bassinet. To boot it’s perfect for travel or visits to Nana’s place because it gives your baby a safe place to sleep, wherever they are.

It can also help shrink a cot down to size in those early newborn days, when they still seem terribly tiny compared to everything around them.

Puckababy Sleper baby

The Sleeper is available at Puckababy for $179.99, and shipping is $7.95 flat within Australia.

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