The Sleep Rumbler – a natural way to get babies to sleep


This humble Australian invention could be the answer to a whole host of baby sleep problems. From babies with reflux, to those who simply will not nap – this may just be the solution to getting some sweet sleep. It’s portable, simple and here is how it works…

Parents with babies who sleep very little will understand why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. The first night home with our eldest son, I hit a low in the dead of the night after he’d cried non-stop for hours. I turned to my husband and said, “I think I’ve ruined our lives”. Melodramatic as it may seem, at that moment of exhaustion, as we tried everything to get our newborn to sleep, we would have given anything to have a helping hand. This rather clever creation, which provides a natural way to gently help a baby off to sleep, is pretty much that – a helping hand to help to settle babies.


The Sleep Rumbler is the brainchild of Aussie twin sisters Leanne and Lindley, who are bringing it all back to basics. There’s nothing complicated about how Sleep Rumbler works, but there has been a great deal of research and thought put into its development. It all started when one of the sisters was desperate to find a way to help her colicky baby. She turned to her twin, who has a medical background, for help. As they searched for ways to sooth the crying infant, they discovered that running a stroller over a bump in the carpet seemed to work. As sisters do, they got to talking about the revelation, and thus was the beginning of Sleep Rumbler.


Of course, we known that one of the best ways to get an unsettled baby to sleep is with motion. But when you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is take a drive or a walk, baby in tow, to get them to have a nap. Sleep Rumbler co-founder Lindley is a paramedic, and off-duty one night happened upon a crash, where a mum had fallen asleep behind the wheel, with her children in the car. She’d been driving around for hour, desperate to get her baby to sleep. While the family was unhurt, it spurred the sisters on to create their sleep solution.


If we take everything back to basics, we begin to realise that babies really do have a tough transition into the world. From the protected world of the womb, where noises are muffled, and movement is constant, to a world full of stimulation. And then we expect them to sleep in a motionless bassinet or cot. They’re no longer comforted by their mother’s close heartbeat, or the natural back and forth motion of mum walking. That’s where Sleep Rumbler comes into its own. It’s a mat that is used in conjunction with your pram, to create a natural, settling rhythm.


The twin sisters used their medical background to create the Sleep Rumbler mat to help settle via replications – in this case movements and rhythmic sounds. This aims to simulate the elements of the womb. So all you need to do is lay out the mat, and push the wheels of the pram or stroller over the ridges of the mat. The sounds and vibration may just be what’s needed to lull baby off to sleep. Bliss!

It’s proving so popular, the Sleep Rumbler is already being used in some hospital maternity wards. Here’s what some parents think of this ingenious sleep solution:

“Amazing, for a girl who does not sleep! In a public place, with 25 adults and 11 kids, there she was, asleep in minutes, with little fight. I think I have just found my sanity, my sleep and my mental health.”
Sammi, mum to four-month-old Savannah

“Sleep Rumbler has been a life and sanity-saver.”
Melissa, mum to six-month-old Alex, who has reflux, and three-year-old Jack

“I was sceptical at first as my 5 month old has reflux and I tried everything. It has been a Godsend!”
Loretta, mum of a five-month-old

“Love my little portable peace maker (Sleep Rumbler).”
Elisha, mum of three-month-old Tali, who has reflux and colic.

Thanks to Exquira, this brilliant product is now available across Australia, in selected baby stores and pharmacies, for $69.

(This is a sponsored post for Exquira)


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