Sleep like a baby in a Cariboo bassinet


I remember that first day I brought my daughter home from hospital and placed her gently in her new bassinet to sleep away the days – at least that’s what I thought. Little did I know her bassinet was all style and no substance. I quickly discovered it was uncomfortable for her, wasn’t easily transportable and did not rock. My daughter needed – no, craved – to be rocked in those early days so she spent most of her sleeping time on me.

The Cariboo Gentle Motions Bassinet would’ve been exactly what we needed. Developed by New Zealand company Cariboo, makers of hand-crafted nursery furniture finished to the highest quality, the bassinet hangs to naturally lull babies to sleep with a self-rocking motion. Webbing straps connected to the bassinet stand are non-slip and adjustable, making the bed fully personalised for each baby. If your babe has reflux, colic or dislikes laying flat, the straps can be altered so the head of the bassinet is elevated. How innovative and incredibly useful!

Now for the really impressive part. If you want baby sleeping in the cot from day one but like the idea of the snug, rockable sleeping space you get with the bassinet, you can now have both. The bassinet can be purchased without the stand and connected to most cots as shown in the image below. This will save space and make the transition from bassinet to cot easier, all while receiving the benefits of the self-rocking motion.

Accessories are available to connect to the stand, including an activity gym, veil, or changer. There are three wood finishes and fabric choices. To find out more or  to buy the Cariboo Gentle Motions bassinet, head to Cariboo of New Zealand.


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