Slam Doors – making the most of the bit in between


I must admit to seeing an increased opportunity for crushed little fingers but I can’t resist the ingenious design of the
Slam Three-style Door.
If you’ve got those angelic
children who wouldn’t dream of playing ‘slam the door on the brother’
games, then this is just the invention for you. People of three
different height ranges can walk through these Wonderland-esque doors
with the height of each door tailor-made just for them.

Featured recently at the Kids Modern child design fair in London,
the rumour is that they’re not cheap (around US$3500)
but do come in a range of wood
options to
suit varied tastes. They’re made with the idea that a Slam Door can
enhance a child’s environment and therefore their experience of the
world. Lofty ambitions for sure from a humble house-fitting which has
remained largely unchanged in hundreds of years. There’s something
intangibly thrilling about a tiny door, which transports me back to
Alice’s adventures, and to travels featuring
300-year-old homes with thatched roofs in the UK.

It seems Slam Doors is
working hard on the website right now and also on some new versions of
the same concept. It will be very
interesting to see how many ways a door can be done to suit the varied
statures of people residing within a single home. The icing on the
cake would be a little door for Rex or Fluffy!

(Via Gizmodo)


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