Skinky Tortellini Cushion – local and ingenious


I’m not sure I need a cushion that lasts years and years, but it would be nice if it lasted longer than four months. My feeding pillow was
shelved after this long – it was invaluable for that time, but it would have been nice to continue its life a little longer considering how much it cost.

Here’s a locally produced cushion that will go the distance – the
Skinky Tortellini Cushion will see you through breasfeeding then off to
the park, where baby can be propped up to see the world. When she’s sitting, do the button up and pop that nappied bottom into
the middle of the Tortellini, and she’ll be supported and steady.
Undo the button if baby falls unpredictably when learning to sit, and
you can relax a little more while she plays on the floor.

What I’d now be using mine for is a laptop cushion. As you can imagine, I spend many hours on my computer, and sometimes my neck and back feel the strain.

Available in ten attractive striped designs, the fabric used is
100% cotton which is handwoven and hand-coloured using non-toxic dyes.
The Skinky Tortellini Cushion is $90 plus post, which is a steal
considering I paid the same for one I used for just four months! It is designed and made right here in Sydney.

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