Skin-sensitive clothing for kids with eczema and other skin conditions

A child in physical discomfort day after day is harrowing for all concerned. My four-year-old has already begun to rip and scratch at his skin as the heat brings on rashes, insect bites drive him to distraction and the odd roll on the backyard grass leads to days of unbearable agony. On top of all this he has eczema which is relatively mild, but he often has all of these skin conditions going on at once, which makes for a very unhappy boy and parents desperate to try anything that will ease his discomfort.

The issue of how to cover his skin in such hot weather has become another issue in itself. Because of his skin problems, he now has some mild sensory issues with clothing and refuses to wear structured pants or shorts with buttons and clothing with tags. It’s pretty much stretch fabric or nothing at this point – have you ever tried to find stretch pants and shorts for boys that are actually stylish?

I knew I had a challenge on my hands and that there must be many parents just like me, so I set out to find clothing suitable for babies and kids with skin problems and sensory issues. You’ll just love what I have discovered!

Planet Peach

My son has the outfit you see above right from Planet Peach, an Australian label for ages two to five. This clothing has to be seen to be believed – it might sound strange, but the first thing I did when I unpacked the outfit was put it to my nose. It smelled like a fresh country breeze; no chemical smell at all and impossibly soft. The entire Planet Peach range is designed especially for children with skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis and the fabric is pre-washed at high temperatures to remove any irritants.

You can see there is an inbuilt stretch cuff in each leg of the jeans, to stop insects and pollutants from entering the pants during play, which is the big problem we’ve faced. The collection is impeccably styled; the multicolour buttons on that orange shirt just make me happy and my little guy can look amazing in clothing that will protect his fragile skin!

Girls are also very well catered for though many of the pieces are unisex, which is great if you have children of different genders with skin issues. The Planet Peach website details each garment and its purpose such as wet dressing, layering, sleepwear and minimising irritants. My boy was happy and comfortable all day long in his Planet Peach outfit and then he went to bed in his Planet Sweat pants ($45) made from featherlight organic jersey.

I’m ecstatic to have found this beauty of a label – it’s designed and made in Australia too! Theo will be wearing his orange shirt on Christmas Day.

Soft Clothing

This is clothing made for children with sensory issues resulting from Sensory Processing Disorder and developmental disabilities such as autism and its variants. Whether your child has severe reactions to labels, buttons and cuffs or just gets squirmy and distracted by clothing, there is a Soft garment for every kid who loves to be comfy. The clothes are made without seams from combed, bio-washed cotton. Pants and shorts have encased elastic waistbands and all dyes and prints are made from vegetable dyes and water-based products.

I invested in quite a few items last hot season for Theo and he is wearing them again this season. The sizing is generous and the softness this brand banks on is undeniably present. Seams Away is Australia’s exclusive stockist of this fabulous brand which I think is very reasonably priced for the relief it provides. Brand new in-store is new unisex, seamless underwear which (get this!) can be worn either way – that’s right; no more turning undies the right way when they’re taken off inside out! You’ll also notice some fab special occasion wear.


Baobab was one of the few brands I came across to make stretch shorts for boys which are actually stylish. Finding an attractive pair or two is seriously like trying to find needles in a haystack of very average, sports-type shorts which make my son look like a rugby forward.

Not so with the Baobab shorts (above). And it’s great to see the girls get some black and white striped fabric too with the cute dress! The fabric is amazingly soft and organic and my Theo is super-happy and cute in his camera tee.


bamboo kids clothing, eczema friendly clothing for children


There are some absolutely gorgeous pieces in this soft, organic range from Doodlebug. What’s so special about it other than the artistic designs? It’s made from bamboo, which breathes and is incredibly gentle on fragile skin. Committed to sustainable methods, Doodlebug is well worth a try for your skin-sensitive little ones.

Clothing for eczema at The Allergy Shop

Local website The Allergy Shop has a range of clothing from brands such as Comfymitt and Cosytoes for babies and children with eczema, including sleep wear and all the associated products needed for wet wrapping your child’s skin.

Do you have any gems to share with us? We’d love to hear of any brands we don’t know about yet!

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