Pink’s 10-month-old son had his first skateboard session and it is too cute!

Pink's son Jameson on a skateboard

They see me rollin’, they hatin’ –  When Carey Hart (who is married to singer Pink) uploaded a clip of baby boy Jameson to Instagram, followers began applauding the couple on a number of noticeable things.

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Jameson getting in a skate session today.

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They see me rollin’

Pink and Carey are parents to two kids – 6-year-old Willow and baby Jameson – and they generously share glimpses of their family life with fans, via Instagram. Tuesday’s video post has captured plenty of attention and features Carey and a friend helping Jameson get his first taste of skating.

“Look at daddy,” a male friend of Carey’s says as he gently pushes Jameson towards the camera.

“Jameson! What’s up, buddy?” a voice, which we presume is Carey, says as Jameson rolls towards him.

Fans and followers were quick to respond to the clip, which Carey published on his Instagram account yesterday, and there were a number of themes running through the comments. 

1. Ignoring the “parenting police”

Baby Jameson is balanced pretty steadily on a skateboard, but noticeably is not wearing protective gear, nor playing on a safety surface. Carey’s followers applauded the fact that the little guy was taking his first steps toward skating, on his dad’s terms and noted that he was travelling at a virtual snail’s pace.

“Here comes the helmet police in 3-2-1 …”

2. Jameson’s belly

We already know that Jameson’s nickname is “Meatball”, but this in-the-wild footage gave Pink and Carey fans an indication of just why that is. Needless to say the tummy-loving game was strong, with many, many comments fawning over the high-profile baby’s stinkin’ adorable belly.

“He’s such a cute little meatball!! Mommas got some good milk!”

3. Jameson’s cheeks

Ditto for cheeks and we can’t say we blame people for going a little cheek nuts. This baby is the very definition of roly-poly and is obviously thriving, thanks to his mum and dad.

“He has great balance, it must be the cheeks. So cute!”

4. Jameson’s attitude

Jameson’s attitude as he rolls slowly along could perhaps be described as “unphased” or even “chill” or perhaps “unimpressed”.

“Lol sorry I don’t think he’s impressed 😂”

5. Lack of helmet

It looks like Jameson is wearing a hat, but no helmet, right? And definitely zero other protective gear and plenty of exposed skin. Some people were not into this at all. 

“Come on Carey put some kind of helmet on the kid!!”

We get where they’re coming from. We truly do. Gulp.

What are your thoughts on this clip? An excellent example of male bonding? Or an accident waiting to happen?

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My #1. Happy Sunday all. @foxmoto

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Cuddle bears 🐻

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