Six things we wish we’d known before starting solids


Making the step from milk to solids is a big one for both parents and babies. And while it means more work for you, it also means a lot more fun! We asked some mums what they would do differently, if they could have their time again. Here’s what we discovered.

Lime mini mat

“Watching baby eat is something that you will want to record.”

Those facial expressions are priceless. Be sure to have a camera on hand, especially when taste testing new foods. Avocado face is one of the best!

“You never can have too many wipes.”

Baby wipes are the best invention ever, which most parents already know from their adventures in nappy changing. They’re about to become an even bigger part of your life. Buy in bulk!

“Clothes are overrated at meal time.”

Feeding bub in nothing but a nappy or enjoying naked meal time means less laundry and a quicker clean up. Simply eat, bathe and you’re ready for bedtime.

“Babies think it’s fun to drop bowls of food on the floor.”

Not just pureed food. Mashed food. Sliced bits of food. Pretty much any food works for this game.

At first it’s cute and funny, but if you’re getting sick of this game, get yourself a suction bowl like this one. It’s from ezpz and must be one of the smartest inventions out there. Naturally, I had no idea they even existed when my two were being weaned.

But I did rely on my dog. A lot.

“It’s perfectly okay to let baby take the lead.”

Try not to stress if your little one refuses veggies or meat or even all foods in general. You don’t need to worry that you have a fussy eater on your hands – they’re too young for that! Just keep experimenting and eventually you will find a good balance.

“Cherish this time. It goes so fast!”

Yes, starting solids means more washing and more mess but it really is a fun milestone. Enjoy each messy moment – soon the kids will be old enough to sneak into the pantry to steal your hidden stash of chocolate when you’re not looking.

The Australian-made silicone range from ezpz will help you keep it all under control. There are a few different options including the Happy Mat, the Happy Bowl and the Mini Mat – all designed by a mum who remembers the mess all too well!

(This is a sponsored post for ezpz)

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