7 essential questions to ask when choosing your first pram

Choosing the right pram when you know nothing about prams has to be one of the most stressful experiences for parents-to-be. Until you actually incorporate a pram into your daily life, and find all the ways it works well, and all the ways it drives you spare, it’s almost impossible to choose the perfect pram.

We can’t help you test drive all the prams on the market, but in our collective Babyology experience, we’ve seen and used a lot of them. We’ve come up with a list of the six most important questions to ask when you’re choosing your pram. That way you can get as close to perfect as possible.

1. Can the wheels take you where you want to go?

Where would humankind be without the invention of the wheel? Just like it’s been a crucial tool in our advancement as a species, pram wheels are hands down the most important part of the pram.

Wheel size is key – bigger wheels can go completely off road so you can use the pram on rocky hiking trails. These prams are normally long and not very compact though. If the only terrain you’re going to encounter is some grass at the playground, or an uneven bit of footpath, a pram with medium sized wheels and good suspension will suit you just fine.

 2. How hard is it to fold and unfold?

If you’ve ever pinched your finger in the folding mechanism of a pram, or had an enormous pram come unfolded while you’re trying to carry it, you’ll agree that the way a pram folds is super important. Some prams tick all the boxes, except you have to dismantle them into two parts whenever you need to fold them.

We’re fans of the one-step fold because eventually we all find ourselves in a situation where we have to hold our babies and fold the pram at the same time. While scientists are working on it, so far parents only have two arms, so for now, one-step folding has our hearts.

3. Does it work with you or against you?

Some prams are really intuitive. The iCandy Strawberry 2 for example has a clever little feature called Seat Memory. When you unfold your pram, the seat returns to its last position. Doesn’t sound like a huge deal? If you’ve ever juggled a baby and a nappy bag and a coffee and your ringing phone all at once, things like Seat Memory will feel like a lifesaver.

Woman standing next to pram with carrycot

4. How long will it last your child?

Babies grow fast, and babies get big. Lots of prams come with bassinet attachments, which are ideal for babies up to six months. When your baby is older, a regular seat attachment that has a few different position options (upright, reclined, lying down) and can take a bit of weight means that your pram will have longevity and be worth the investment. Weight capacity is also important to note – with a class-leading 25kg weight capacity, the iCandy Strawberry 2 will carry your child for as long as you need it to.

5. Is the sun protection adequate?

The Australian sun is unkind to delicate skin, so keeping young kids protected when they’re riding in the pram is essential. Sure you can slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat, but nothing beats a nice big sun shade. Look for pram shades that have an extra panel that extends out for maximum coverage, or that have a detachable sun cover.

6. Is it adjustable for different sized parents?

Parents come in all different heights. I need a stool to reach the top cupboards in our kitchen, and my husband has to duck when he walks through some doorways. Like many couples, a one-size-fits-all pram is no good for us. A telescopic handle that adjusts in and out is essential, and some prams will do you one better, designing the chassis to sit forward so tall parents don’t kick the pram when they’re walking.

7. How much stuff will it carry?

New parents (actually, all parents) work hard, and they want all their tools to work hard too. Whether you’re grocery shopping, toting gear for swimming lessons, or discovering treasures on the footpath on council clean-up day, you want your pram to carry the load. Look for a pram with a big storage basket, and make sure you can easily access it, even when the seat is reclined.

Does a pram like that even exist?

Choosing the right pram will always come down to personal preference, but if you’re looking for something hardy, long-lasting, that ticks all the boxes and looks beautiful while doing it, iCandy Strawberry Pushchair is a great choice.

(This is a sponsored post for iCandy.)

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