Sitting pretty: The Babyology guide to choosing a highchair

Baby's legs in high chair

Some time around the ages of four to six months, your baby will be able to sit up comfortably and a high chair will be on the agenda.

A little bit of preparation goes a long way when it comes to choosing wisely, so here’s a helpful cheat sheet to ensure you buy smart, stylish AND safe.

You’ll have your hungry kiddo sitting pretty in no time at all! Let’s begin:

Safety first

Ensure that your high chair complies with current Australian safety standards (AS 4684-2009 High chairs—Safety requirements). Not only does this keep your baby safe, it gives you peace of mind.

Check for:

  • A crotch post to stop baby slipping through the under-tray area
  • A  five-point safety harness to keep baby from tumbling out
  • No wheels, or wheels that lock in place securely and easily
  • Pinch-free folding mechanism – to keep everyone’s fingers safe
  • No small parts that children can choke on
  • Sturdy, well-balanced framework

Easy clean-up

It’s vital that your chosen high chair is easy to clean. We can’t stress how important this is.

You don’t want any nooks and crannies that baby-flung mashed pumpkin can tuck itself sneakily into.

Streamlined and simple is best. Beat the pumpkin at its own game.

The iCandy MiChair


Good looks

Nobody wants some ugly monstrosity looming in the corner of the kitchen. Stylish good looks are definitely something to consider.

You’re going to have to live with this useful chair for a couple of years, so make sure you like the look of it!

Check out this ICandy MiChair, for instance. Not only does it tick all the boxes but amazingly it has an optional newborn bouncer attachment and converts to small chair when your child grows. Swoon!

Easy to use

Choose a high chair that is easily accessible and simple to buckle up.

It can be tricky to get a tired and hungry baby seated and ready to eat, so make sure your high chair doesn’t make the job even harder.

Speedy seating and lighting-fast harness adjustment are definitely something to keep in mind.

toddler in a high chair


You very often really do get what you pay for and while some retailers offer cut-price options, they may not tick a lot of boxes when it comes to safety and practicality.

Spend wisely and you’ll end up with a long-lasting high chair that takes your baby from tiddler to toddler.

Size it up

Make sure that the chair is the right size for the room you’re in by checking it out on the showroom floor, if possible.

Also consider how easy it is to fold away if you’re pushed for space.

You don’t want it taking up the exact same amount of space folded up as it does in situ.

We wish you many happy mealtimes with your growing kiddo (and happy highchair shopping!)

(This is a sponsored post for iCandy)

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