Single mums are amazing… and here’s the proof!

Single mums are, simply put, awesome. They often face tougher challenges and choices that the rest of us. And while some studies suggest that single mums are under more pressure than married couples, a recent study confirms that single mums are actually just as happy as their married counterparts. And twice as amazing.

The study, conducted in Poland and published in the Journal of Happiness, based its findings on 35 interviews with single mothers as well as a decade’s worth of data collected from 7633 mothers as part of Social Diagnosis, an ongoing social study in Poland.

What researchers discovered is that single mothers are no less happy than their married counterparts, despite facing more difficult circumstances.

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They say the findings “illustrate that children are a focal point in an unmarried woman’s life, and that many important life decisions are made more responsibly for the sake of the child”.

We asked some of our Babyology single mums what they think of the research. Here’s what they said.

“Happiness has nothing to do with your partner. Sure, it’s one piece of the puzzle but it’s certainly not a piece I feel like I’m missing,” says Lauren, a single mum of two boys.

“Yes, being a single mum can be stressful and lonely, but I reckon being in a relationship can be just as stressful and lonely,” says Bec, a single mum to an 18-month-old daughter.

Most single mums agree that, while it can be tiring, being a single mum is also empowering. Motherhood increases their sense of responsibility, brings them joy and boosts their energy.

“I feel a lot happier now that I’m doing it without my partner,” recently-divorced Erin tells us. “Now, instead of fighting with two little kids and a big one, I only have to focus on my two little ones. It’s almost a relief.”

Adds Lauren: “At the end of the day, my focus is on my children. Nothing else gets in the way of that.”

I think all mums, regardless of whether they are single or married, can agree with this statement. And while I am not a single mum, I have several friends who are and not a day goes by that I don’t admire, respect and sometimes even envy all that they do.

The bottom line for all mums, regardless of whether you have a partner or not, is simple – each and every mum does her best in the situation she is in. Just remember, your best may not always seem like it is good enough, but it is to your children. And nothing else matters.

(via Huffington Post)

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