Silverette Breast Cups – soothing sore breasts with silver

breastfeeding cracked nipples

There’s no denying that establishing breastfeeding can take its toll on your breasts and those of us who have gone down that road all have a story to tell. 

We’ve been looking into natural, more alternative ways of soothing sore, cracked nipples with the amazing Bebe Nacre Shells post and now Babyologist Rebekah has sent us this gem of a product. Silverette Cups offer immediate nipple protection, claiming to heal cracks within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

They can be used as a preventative measure to avoid soreness and cracks occurring in the first place and need no creams or potions in order to be effective. Drawing on the ancient knowledge of silver’s antiseptic qualities, the cups are worn inside the bra when not feeding, providing hygienic care to the nipples and areolas. A more thorough, scientific explanation can found on the Silverette website.

Silverette Nursing Cups can be ordered for $70 directly from Silverette Australia.

breastfeeding nipple care

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