Sienna Baby shoes – cute, supportive and straight to the top of your wish list

Well, there goes my pledge to cut back on spending. Check out these shoes! They are absolutely stunning. And they’re designed with your child’s health and future growth in mind. I guess it doesn’t count if you spend money on your daughter rather than yourself, right? Surely? Okay then, I’m going with that. New month, new rules.

Sienna Baby was created by Sarah Roocroft in 2014. After finding out from a podiatrist that little ones should wear mostly soft-soled shoes up until 24 months to prevent flat feet and other health concerns, Sarah went shoe shopping for her 10-month-old daughter, Sienna. When she couldn’t find many fashionable shoes to fit the brief, her new business idea was born. The result is leather shoe designs that are soft, supportive and super duper fashionable.

I tried to narrow down my favourite ones for this post – really I tried – but it was a bit tricky. Because if you’re a mother, grandparent, auntie (or any relation to a little girl) you’ll be picturing them in every pair!


If I had to choose though, the adorable little Marching Boots from the top of this post would be high on my list. As would the Munchy Boots in leopard – they’d be so cute with leggings! And I also adore the gorgeous Sisi Janes in silver and gold.

Sienna Baby silver gold ballet shoe

I could go on forever so just do yourself a favour and head to the Sienna Baby website to narrow down your own favourites. Trust me, it’s no easy task.


Oh and by the way, soon you’ll be able to get matching adult pairs. (Insert the hand-on-mouth-with-excitement emoji right about now!)

Sienna Baby shoes are all crafted from leather and range in price from $49 to $59.

Angie Hanke

Angie Hanke

Angie worked in corporate communications before having her daughter and deciding to throw caution to the wind and pursue a writing career. She enjoys playing with her little munchkin and hanging out with friends and family. She also loves writing poetry about motherhood, even though she knows it makes her a big soppy dork!

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