Want to mix things up? These parents just renewed their vows on a rollercoaster

Grace and Eric Koelma on a rollercoaster, Dreamworld

If you think having kids turns you into a old bore with the same routine day in, day out then maybe it’s time to shake things up! This young couple is not letting their toddler get in the way of their fun and just pulled off a cheeky vow renewal on a rollercoaster at Dreamworld to prove it.

Travelling tribe

Grace and Eric Koelma know a thing or two about spontaneity. With a thirst for adventure and a slower pace of living, in March 2017 they packed up their lives and their two year-old son Leo, to go travelling while working along the way.

“We spent most of last year travelling the world and are off to Canada in a few weeks, but we’ve spent the last six months back on home soil in Australia,” says Grace. “One of the benefits of being closer to home is hitting up our parents for babysitting so we can go on dates more often. We’re staying in Queensland right now, so this time we decided to spend our rare kid-free day at Dreamworld.”

Dare devils

Their Dare List Family blog chronicles their nomadic lifestyle with the couple keeping things interesting by undertaking various exciting dares, either set themselves or by others, on a regular basis among their travels and work. And their most recent dare issued by fellow blogger, daddyblogger, was probably one of their most interesting (and romantic!) ones yet.

Grace and Eric Koelma at Dreamworld renewing wedding vows

“We had just passed our nine year anniversary and we had been dared to renew our wedding vows … with a catch! Instead of standing on a beach at sunset, we yelled our vows dropping 39 stories at 135km an hour and on a rollercoaster,” says Grace. “It was one of the best dates we’ve ever had!”

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Keeping that spark alive

Many parents with young kids find it really hard to fit in time for date nights or special time together, but perhaps we should all be taking notes from Grace and Eric and think outside the box? With a bit of planning nothing is impossible.

“Being parents of a toddler means we do a lot of pretty tame, kid-friendly activities and don’t get much time away as a couple to do the kinds of things we loved before we had kids. We know the toddler stage is fleeting and we love hanging out with our son, but it’s important to keep the thrill of romance alive as well,” Grace adds.

Riding high

So hands up all of you couples with little ones, who’s game?! Don’t mind if I dooooooooooooooooo!

Check out Grace and Eric’s fab vow renewal video:


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