Dad photographs kids with disabilities and turns them into superheroes

sick kids become justice league

American photographer and father Josh Rossi wasn’t content with transforming his three-year-old daughter into Wonder Woman (among many other iconic characters), now he’s given disabled and sick kids the superhero treatment in a heartwarming passion project.

Super skills

Josh Rossi loves a good photoshoot and so does his young daughter Nellee. Thanks to her awesome and talented dad, the little tot has already been transformed into Little Red Riding Hood, Chinese warrior Mulan, Wonder Woman and most recently Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Unsurprisingly, the photos swiftly went viral.

But his latest project, featuring other young children who are either ill or disabled photographed as the Justice League, is what’s really turning heads now.

“The whole idea was to take the things that are weaknesses for the kids such as cancer and other diseases and turn them into strengths,” Josh told PetaPixel. “I worked with 6 kids under the age of 8 and completed a movie poster style image for each of them.”

Shoot for a cause

Josh and his team carefully planned out each photo in his fun superhero series that involved some very special youngsters in need of a good cheering up.

“The kids that my team and I chose have been through hell and back and have real superhuman strength!” added Josh. “It is exactly their weaknesses that make them strong! Together they form The Justice League!”

A giant surprise

The children each wore exact replica character costumes for their shoot valued at over US $10,000, thankfully they were all generously donated in support of this special cause.

Then after some seriously creative photo editing, the superhero transformation was complete and Josh was able to surprise each excited child with a giant print of their unique portrait.

How awesome is that?!

Let’s meet the brave kids behind the hero masks

Kayden Kinckle as Cyborg

Five-year-old Kayden had both his legs amputated as a result of a condition he was born with called omphalocele (where his internal organs grew outside of his body). He is pictured below as Cyborg, the Justice League’s half human, half machine superhero. Known for his super strength, instant weaponry, genius-level intellect, control over technology, computer hacking skills, durability, and the ability to teleport.

Sofie Loftus as Wonder Woman

This plucky little three-year-old has a rare cancer of the connective tissues called embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. Sofie was transformed into Wonder Woman, everyone’s favourite Amazonian superhero. With her superhuman strength, flight, combat skill and strategy, self-healing, and magic weaponry, she is a fierce hero to have on your team and makes little Sofie the perfect person to step into her shoes.

You can also watch the video of Sofie receiving her cool print below. Sob! 

Teagan Pettit as Superman

Little Teagan has a condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, where he was born with only half a heart. He’s already had numerous open heart surgeries but also needs oxygen at night and lots of medication. Until recently he was feeding through a tube as well. Teaghan was transformed into Superman, arguably the most famous of the Justice League, and with his super strength, flight, super speed, heat vision, freeze breath, x-ray vision, superhuman hearing, and ability to heal, nothing is going to slow him down in a hurry – except maybe kryptonite.

Mataese Manuma as Aquaman

Two-year-old cutie Mataese has megakaryoblastic leukemia, a rare form of cancer. He was transformed into Aquaman – the king of the seven seas and reluctant leader of Atlantis. With his ability to breathe underwater, super strength, control over sea life, and exceptional swimming ability, Aquaman – and Mataese – is definitely a man you want on your team.


Zaiden Stolrow as The Flash

This bright seven-year-old has severe ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and he got to dress up as the equally speedy Flash. Known for his super speed, intangibility, and superhuman agility, criminals have no hope of outrunning The Flash and the suit fits Zaiden perfectly.


Simon Fullmer as Batman

Five-year-old Simon has a rare form of nerve cancer called neuroblastoma but when he is dressed as Batman, nothing can stop him. The Dark Knight has a dark past but he uses his technological know-how, exceptional martial art skills, combat strategy, inexhaustible wealth, and brilliant deductive skills to round up the bad guys.

A super dad

Most kids think of their fathers as heroes but we bet Nellee and her family are super proud of this great dad. What a cool guy!

We wish all these brave youngsters the best. For more details on Josh or his work, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.






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