Show us your party – Sarah’s sugar-coated baby shower


We’re thrilled to be able to take you to a fabulous baby shower, thrown for a very sweet party stylist. Delightful treats and super fun party games abound at this delicious event.


We had no doubt that a baby shower thrown in honour of owner and stylist at Sugar Coated Mumma, Sarah Osmotherly would be amazing. We weren’t wrong!



Sarah was lucky enough to have a tribe of her family and friends put together her baby shower, as she awaited the birth of her baby boy. The party planning started with a mood board, including a colour palette and a list of Sarah’s favourite vendors and products.


This certainly wasn’t a last minute, thrown together affair, with planning taking around ten weeks. Here’s what Sarah had to say about her delightful baby shower:

“They hosted it in my backyard to create a personal touch. I was blown away by the delectable sweets and savoury goodness, hilarious games, overly generous gifts and for all the help from many talented girls with ‘mission impossible’! They had to drag me away from getting involved in set up, and I am so proud of what they pulled off!!”


Among the highlights for Sarah was the delectable dessert table, which was heaving with all manner of cake pops, cookies and sugary treats.



Some of Sarah’s talented friends chipped in, making many of the beautiful desserts.



Sarah also adored all of the games the group played. Take note, there are some great ideas!

Some of the games included “Busy Mummy” where guests had to hold a baby doll in one arm and the cordless phone on one ear and hold a conversation on the phone while hanging the baby’s clothes on the clothes line. The person who got the most clothes on the line in one minute wins, it was very funny. My other favourite was the “Tinkle In The Pot Game”, a play on pregnant women needing to pee a lot. Guests got a blown up balloon to put under their shirts and a ping pong ball to put between their thighs. Each girl had to race to drop their pong balls from between their legs into the jar, first ball to drop was the winner. We laughed a lot at this one!”


Each guest took home a custom made cookie in a gold glitter bag, as the ultimate sweet reminder of an afternoon spent celebrating a new life.


Sarah has kindly shared a list of vendors from her event, so if something caught your eye, here’s where you can source it:

(images via Latu Photography)


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