Show us your party – Koby’s superhero birthday

superhero birthday, superman

Come up, up and away with us to Koby’s stupendously special superhero party.

Preschooler Koby was determined to have a superhero celebration when he turned four recently so mum Cath bravely rolled up her sleeves and set about creating a super-duper superhero party. And she did it with nary a Batman, Superman or Spidie in sight.

superhero birthday, superman

Instead, Cath channeled her love of all things vintage to create a pop-art inspired party that truly puts the super in superhero. We love so many of her homemade touches, from the personalised superhero logos she created using the guests’ first initials to the skyscraper backdrops that adorned the walls.

Each guest received their very own cape and mask – all made by Cath – along with a personalised logo to adhere to their chest when they arrived so they could transform from their secret identity into their superhero identity. Brilliant!

Cath made all the food herself too, with layered jellies in the party colours of red, blue and yellow and the eye-catching tiered birthday cake among the offerings. She ditched the idea of a candy buffet in favour of a cookie version, giving each kid a mini milk carton to fill as they chose for a unique and delicious take-home favour.

Here’s another cute idea. Cath used superhero colouring sheets as placemats on the party table and pre-filled plain lunch bags with savoury foods including sandwiches and sausage rolls. Little cups of hot chips were also dolled out in sweet little paper cups.

Now before you start wondering where Cath sourced those delightfully retro comic-book style cupcake toppers (not to mention those great Pow! and Boom! signs), she made them herself, along with some fake barbells to use as photo props. She even made these cup labels and the cute bunting on the birthday cake. Other party items, craft materials and fabrics came from  Invite Me, Spotlight and Riot Craft.

All that DIY meant this party wasn’t just super-fun and super-creative, it was also super-cheap. Cath reckons she spent less than $400 on everything, including the food, costumes and those mammoth decorations. Now that’s something else worth celebrating!

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