Show us your party – Hudson’s Harry Potter birthday

Hogwarts birthday party cake

Here’s a birthday party to sort your muggles from your wizards. It’s Hudson’s most marvellous Harry Potter party, so grab your wand and let the magic begin!

Mum Kasey tells us her entire brood are huge Harry fans, so when her son suggested Hogwarts as the setting for his seventh birthday, they all put their heads together – and this is what they came up with.

Hogwarts birthday party

The creativity and cleverness is rather phenomenal. Take this mesmerising display of glass jars that Kasey used to set the scene. She found all the jars at The Reject Shop, then took the kids on a supermarket excursion to see what Potter-esque goodies they could find to fit the Hogwarts theme. So pickled onions became hippogriff eyes,  candy teeth became muggles teeth, tinned spaghetti masqueraded as blood worms and white asparagus spears did double duty as dementor’s fingers.

hogwarts birthday party

I also love the way guests were ushered into the party through a brick “wall”to reach platform nine-and-three-quarters, where Hogwarts students catch their ride to school. Kasey found it at a local party shop in Sydney.

Many of the other props – the spiders, webs and even the owl – were things that Kasey already had lying about the house, commandeering them for Hudson’s special day. She also made all the tags, labels, signs and other printables herself.

hogwarts birthday party

Other bits and pieces, including the test tubes used to hold the drinks, the calico take-home goody bags and many of the treats stashed inside, came from US-based The Party Works. Goodies included fart bombs (blech!), popping candy, Deathly Hallow necklaces, toy cockroaches and spiders, lolly snakes, black cats and plenty more. Guests also took home ‘mandrake seeds’ – that’s pumpkin seeds to us muggles – in cute terracotta pots for planting.

hogwarts birthday

Now take another look at the cake. Kasey made it herself and we’re certainly impressed. Made in the shape of Tom Riddle’s diary, it’s a rather yum-sounding red velvet cake with white chocolate ganache. Now see the sorting hat just behind the diary? It’s also a cake! White chocolate mud, to be precise. Kasey tells us there’s no magic at work here, just lots of patience and all the expert advice she could soak up from a cake-making course at Planet Cake.

harry potter birthday cake, Tom Riddle diary cake

The gingerbread cookies made in the shape of witches, flying broomsticks and owls (pictured below) came from Cookie Couture. We also dig the sorting hat piñata, custom-made by Paper Mache Sculptures on Etsy. And isn’t the Gringott’s Bank set-up fun? Kasey had plenty of more Potterish decorations scatered about, including giant spiders and snakes to represent other elements of the J.K. Rowling tale.

hogwarts birthday, sorting hat pinata

Now here’s the super-creative party wizard herself, all dressed up as Professor Minerva McGonagall to her son’s Harry Potter. Kasey, we’re super-impressed with your efforts!

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