Show us your party – Hayley’s cupcake baking birthday at Sparkle Cupcakery

cupcake baking birthday party

We do adore a good party here at Babyology, but we also get that not everyone has the time, the stamina or the space to throw a killer celebration at home. Sometimes life gets in the way. Well, pull out the party poppers, we have a solution!

You can thank our very own managing editor Mandi for this one. Almost five months’ pregnant with number three, with all the tiredness and nausea that comes with that, she did the clever thing – she outsourced! And that’s how Sparkle Cupcakery came to the party.

cupcake baking birthday party

Or, to be more precise, the party came to Sparkle as Hayley and sixteen of her excited friends descended on this most fashionable cupcakery in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

The kids donned aprons and set about baking their own cupcakes to a secret Sparkle recipe, with the assistance of their own friendly cupcake chef Jason who kept the kids laughing and entertained for the full two hours. Some sifting and measuring here, some mixing and tasting there and then into the oven the petite cakes went.

cupcake party

While the cupcakes cooked, children were treated to a party feast in the cafe downstairs of delicious cheese toasties, chocolate cookies and cordial. Then it was back into the kitchen to decorate their little cakes. Each child was given six cupcakes to decorate however they liked and had great fun trying different decorative techniques with combinations of fondants, icings and sprinkles, with the help of staff.

After an hour spent decorating cupcakes (and sneakily sampling the decorations!), the finished masterpieces were placed ever so carefully into Sparkle Cupcakery’s signature fancy black and silver boxes for the children to take home to share with their families – or eat on their own!

For Mandi, the biggest thrill was a too-close-to-call draw between the twelve delicious cupcakes her two daughters brought home (pregnancy cravings, remember!) and the fact that she didn’t have to spend hours cleaning up afterwards. Sparkle Cupcakery even organised the birthday cake – a delicious black velvet number finished with a pretty pink ribbon for $58. It was plenty to feed all the kids and their various adults, while still leaving Mandi half a cake to take home.

Parties at Sparkle Cupcakery run for two hours and cost $59 per child. Contact them direct for more information, or to book your own cupcake adventure.

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