Show us your party – Claire’s most elegant baby shower

Imagine this. You want a baby so much, it hurts, but every attempt ends in heartbreak. For four years you try, as around you friends celebrate their own pregnancies and births, then first birthdays and next, second babies. You’re happy for them, of course you are, but it still cuts like a knife. Then, one day, it happens. You’re pregnant! And it’s twins!

That is Claire Ward’s story and this is her baby shower – her beautiful, elegant, just-right shower. Isn’t it stop-in-your-tracks-and-stare perfect, and just right for an occasion with such a gloriously happy ending.

Of course, we’d expect little else than party perfection from this newly-minted mum of two, who fought her way through the heartbreak of failed IVF attempts and miscarriage by starting an event styling company, Original Occasion.

Claire wanted her shower to be a sit-down girly lunch with her best friends, so in came a banquet table fit for a feast. Guests supped on homemade sausage rolls, frittata and quiche accompanied by fresh garden salads while sipping a trio of cold beverages made by Claire – her raspberry and cranberry punch, Turkish apple tea and peach iced tea. Champagne, served in vintage glassware, was consumed with much vigour too.

For sweets, Claire created a simple lolly buffet and her friends took their pick, filling cute doily-covered brown paper bags with their favourite sweeties. It’s not a party without cake and what a cake this celebration had – a lemon and coconut layered number (pictured top) from Deliciously Decadent Cakes. It’s sitting atop a cake stand from Little Sooti.

We can’t decide which we love more – the flower-filled hanging bottles perched daintily over the party table or the sweet artwork that her friends made to adorn the nursery. Each guest said a blessing for Claire and left their fingerprint to create a tree of love for her babies, Frankie and Lola. What a beautiful sentiment!

All the props, including the lovely heart blackboard and the drink dispensers, are hireable from Claire’s own business, so if you live near the Gold Coast and want to make your own breathtaking baby shower, you’re in luck!

Here’s a snap of Claire, with her photographer husband Adam Ward (yep, there’s a reason her baby shower pics look so professional!) just before the arrival of their much-longed for and very cherished daughters. And then check the little sweethearts themselves. Aaaaaaw, so precious!

Do you have a beautiful baby shower to share? Then just fill in this form on our contact us page. While we can’t reply to every email, we’ll certainly let you know if your party is chosen to be showcased on Babyology. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to seeing your amazing baby showers!

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