Show us your party – Audrey’s champagne, cupcakes and claps birthday

Sarah + Abraham invitation

We’ve shown you some elaborate parties. And we’ve shown you some really elaborate parties. Now here’s one that holds true to the old-fashioned idea that the simple things in life really can be best. 

Welcome to Audrey’s cute-as-a-button first birthday, with its delightful theme of champagne, cupcakes and claps.  That’s champagne for the grown-ups, cupcakes for the kids, and claps for the birthday girl!

There’s something so perfectly and elegantly feminine about this party, which manages to be all grown up and yet so appropriately childlike at the same time. Mum Caroline (who clearly deserves a few claps too for her amazing party efforts!) didn’t want Audrey to be overwhelmed for her first big celebration. So she kept the guest list deliberately small, with only close friends and family, and held it at the place where Audrey would feel most comfortable – at home!

Small on scale this party might be, but small on style? Not on your life! Every detail is a delight, starting with the invitations (pictured top). Personalised to look just like the apple-cheeked birthday girl, they came from Sarah + Abraham (we first mentioned them here all the way back in 2008!) and were the perfect fit for the simple but elegant aura.

Ditto with the Audrey-esque thank-you tags that were secured to the take-home cupcake boxes (above), which came from every Sydneysiders’ favourite cupcake shop, My Little Cupcake. In keeping with the theme, Caroline decided to send every guest home with their own vanilla frosted delight.

There were plenty more cupcakes on the menu, both big and small, from My Little Cupcake, who also baked the birthday cake. Caroline simply added some pretty pink ribbon, topped it with a personalised gingham cake bunting from Etsy’s Twirling Betty and let the guest of honour do her thing.

Other party fare, including the delectable-sounding mini lime and coconut cakes, came from Busy Bee Boxes, while party bits and pieces, including  giant balloons, paper straws, bamboo serving ware and cutlery, came from Born to Party.

And finally, here’s the too-cute-for-words birthday girl making short work of her special cake.

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