Show Us Your Selfies – readers share their hilarious mum selfies (part two)

Hair pulls, all nighters and of course, the dreaded number threes! Come and have a look at our second edition of readers’ mum selfies. You won’t know whether to laugh, cry or look away. But you most certainly will relate!

We can’t wait to reveal another batch of Show Us Your Selfies! If you missed our first two posts, then here they are again – the selfies that sum up life as a mum and Show Us Your Selfie (part one).

So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite ‘mummy moments’ thanks to our readers.

When ‘sleeping in’ involves sleeping on your head.

At least he is quiet right?

selfies part two 7


When you try to capture a nice moment to send to Nana.

And end up being the odd one out.

selfie part two 5

When number three happens.

All over everything.

selfie part two 6

When your child subtly tells you that your face isn’t ‘camera ready’.

“Sorry Mum, but you better sit this one out.”

selfie part two 2

When you try to get a good photo and he’s just not feeling it.

Oh that lip!

reader selfie part two 9

When you need to be a milk machine and have your makeup done at the same time.

Multitasking at its best.

selfies part two 10

When the day just sucks.

And there’s no getting around that.

selfie part two 4

When it’s clearly dinner time.

And someone forgot to give you the memo.

selfie part two 8

When you grow another head.

Having a toddler wrapped around your body is part of the norm, really.

selfie part two 1

When they help you get ready in the morning.

And you end up looking like Cousin It.

selfies part teo2 two

When there is simply not enough room for you in the shot.

At least you got an eye in.

selfies part two 13

When they get distracted mid feed.

And you’re left topless and with a finger up your nose.

seflie part two 11

When they give you the look that proves you are their world.

Even if it means you end up with slobber all over your face.
selfies part two 12

And, finally, when they fall asleep and all you can do is watch them.

And relish in this perfect moment.

selfies part two 14

A massive Babyology thank you to the hundreds of readers who submitted their selfies. We absolutely loved them all!

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