Show Us Your Selfie – readers share their awesome mum selfies (part one)

We asked. And hundreds of you answered. We have selected some of our favourite reader selfies that show exactly what it’s like to be a mum. Come and see if your photo made the list…and if you can relate to any of these hilarious situations.

Last week we featured a post on mum selfies and asked our readers to share their own less-than-perfect selfie moments. We were blown away by the response which had the entire Babyology editorial team in stitches!

So here are the moments that depict life as a mum, to perfection, brought to you by our awesome Babyology readers!

When you go out for a night with the girls and wake up to your toddler putting stickers on your head.

They say water is the cure for a hangover…but stickers work too.

PicMonkey Collage

When you are enjoying special cuddles on the couch.

And your grumpy cat  photo bombs the photo.
reader selfie 4

When all you want is to capture a cute mummy-daughter moment.

And you end up with a tongue in your nose.

reader selfie 9

When a game of horsey turns wrong.

Oh so wrong.

reader selfie 11

When your three-month-old masters the fine art of mimicry.

And you’re positive you will never get a decent photo out of him again.

reader selfie 8

When you wake up to find six extra legs in your bed.

And you’re pretty sure you went to sleep alone.

reader selfie 12

When you are enjoying a lovely day out and want a beautiful photo to match.

And then you check the photo and notice the dangling spit up ruining everything.

reader selfie 7

When you actually get your two rowdy kids to pose for the camera together.

And big brother pulls out the ultimate brotherly love move.

reader selfie 6

When your head has one purpose only – to act as a climbing device.

This move is called the “grip of death.”

reader selfie 15

When you’re two for three.

And you know that’s the best you are ever going to get.
reader selfie 10

When baby gets hungry.

And only eyes will do.

reader selfie 5

When your husband asks how your day has been and you send him a selfie.

It’s 2pm and pyjamas are still on.

reader selfie 14

When you don’t even know what time it is anymore.

Or what day. But you’re pretty sure it’s dark out.

reader selfie 2

When all you want is a nice photo but the hair pull is too painful to smile through.

At least the little one looks happy.

reader selfie 1

When you have been awake for days.

And yet, you still feel like the luckiest person on earth.

reader selfie 13

This is what being a mum is all about.

And a special shout out to all of our readers for submitting these awesome photos. Stay tuned for part two where we have even more reader mum selfies to share!

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