Rainbows to royalty – six beautiful baby shower ideas

We love the chance to throw a party, or failing that, the chance to have a sticky beak at other people’s parties. Winter isn’t traditionally known as a time for new life, but we all know babies don’t care about tradition. They arrive whenever they please.

For all the gorgeous babies on their way this winter, we’ve got some lovely baby shower inspiration.

Rainbow Baby shower

Baby showers can go grown-up or gaga, and Oh Happy Days designed a rainbow baby shower for staff member Jordan that was all about the modern baby. Colour explosions of rainbow balloon clusters adorned white walls, and a giant wave of rainbow balloons served as decoration and the backdrop for a photobooth. Food and refreshments were laid out in red, orange, yellow, green and blue. The result was a pretty party that’ll bring a bit of fun to a dark winter day.

B&W shower

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this black and white baby shower that organiser Nicole dubbed “Bow or Bow Tie?” Her friend left the gender a surprise, and guests were asked to predict things like sex, birthdate, weight and to suggest names. Perfectly stacked Oreos stood in for a cake and sugar cookies were beautifully iced in black and white.

Backyard baby shower cacti

For warmer parts of the country, this American southwest inspired back garden shower is the perfect way to welcome a Queenslander baby. The shower was filled with rustic, natural elements like woven baskets, Aztec-style throws and simple green centrepieces. It’s lovely to get a party favour that’s useful, and in this case guests were given something to adorn their homes: little potted cacti.

Game of Thrones baby shower

By now everyone gets the winter references, so we’ll spare you and just say that this time of year is ideal for a Game of Thrones themed shower. Jennifer Skog and her younger sister are massive fangirls for Game of Thrones, so when her sister fell pregnant, Jennifer threw a baby shower fit for Westerosi royalty. The candlelit party was a winter feast with bread, cheese, pies and wine. The cake had an elaborate gold crown, and the guest of honour channeled Cersei herself, only in beauty though, not personality.

Bohemian baby shower

A bit like the southwest-themed shower, this bohemian shower was full of natural decorations like simple wildflower arrangements, hand lettered signs and garlands of fairy lights. A stack of white onesies waited at the tie-dyeing station for guests to create original gifts for the coming baby.

Grown-up baby shower

We’ve saved our favourite for last: it’s a grown-up baby shower for Sarah Sherman Samuel, a Californian designer and art director with covetable style. Her friends threw the party, and clearly they’re a talented group of pals, because it was tasteful perfection. The colour palette was sage green, gold, orange, and pink grapefruit, with even the food falling into line, colour-wise.  It was held in the kind of mid-century modern house that you might find on Pinterest, full of Danish wood furniture and artfully mismatched gallery walls.

If you want to share your baby shower with us, fill in the show us your party form on our contacts page. While we can’t reply to every email, we’ll certainly let you know if your shower is chosen to be showcased on Babyology. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to seeing your amazing parties!

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