Sextuplets turn six and recreate their first family photo

Six years ago, when the world was just beginning to discover the power of the Internet for spreading news, a photo was released.

The photo, of new parents Rozonno and Mia and their sextuplet newborns, was one of the first family photos to hit viral status. And, while we often see adorable newborn photography and even multiple birth photography these days, you will still love seeing just how much these six little babies have grown in six short years.

Photo recreation, when done right, can be an amazing way to document the changes in your family. While there have been plenty of awkward photo recreations circulating the social media world, this one is anything but.

In 2010, shortly after Rozanno and Mia welcomed their sextuplets – Olivia, Madison, Rozonno Junior, Josiah, Elijah and Isaac into the world, they hired a professional photographer to capture their sleeping newborns. The six sweethearts all lie scattered across their dad, Rozonno, while mum Mia looks at her beautiful peaceful family.

It’s a tender, touching and tranquil image that captures a fleeting moment in time (how is it even possible that all six babies are asleep at once!).

sextuplet six year olds

Yesterday the sextuplets turned six years old and the family documented the occasion by recreating their first family shot. They used the same photographer, the same studio and very similar poses to capture just how much their beautiful babies have grown.

Dressed in matching blue jeans and brown singlets, the four boys and two girls look just as loving and close to one another as the day they were born.

sextuplet swimmin

The McGhee family, from Ohio, USA have their own television program, which premiered on a local US channel last week. The family certainly will be busy as their sextuplets take on school while the parents juggle a carpet and upholstery cleaning business.


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