Seed Organic Cradle – baby’s second womb


No-one ever forgets their child’s first cradle. There’s something pure
and gentle about a newborn’s first bed, the site of much baby
gazing, disbelief that this beautiful child is yours, as well as the
settling and soothing in the wee hours. Chances are you’ll spend
hours perched beside baby’s bed, so why not make it one that’s easy on
the eyes, eco-friendly, free of pesticides and other toxins, as well
as the ultimate in comfort for your baby?
Seed Organic Cradle provides baby with a peaceful sleeping
environment, perfect for those first weeks and months when sleeping is the number one priority other than feeding.

The walls of the cradle are made from 100% breathable organic
cotton. Being a huge fan of latex pillows and mattresses, I was
delighted to find that the mattress of the Seed Cradle is an organic
version, filled with breather holes and contouring to the
delicate shape of your baby’s body. It slips inside a pocket, so no
rolling, no slipping, no lumps, just sweetly cushioned and tailored
for the littlest one in your
house. What is extra remarkable is the cradle base, stamped with holes
to maximise the breathable effect of the latex. If you live in
an abode like us, with slight damp issues, then you’ll also be happy to
know that the latex is hypoallergenic and mould-resistant.

Evoking romantic images of medieval infant sleeping vessels, the
Seed Cradle is an ideal place for your precious baby to sleep.
Pre-order the Seed Organic Cradle from
Ecochild for $299.95 with free shipping.
Stock is due end of March!

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