See, dads can do their daughter’s hair

As a dad with two daughters nothing strikes fear into my heart more than the phrase, ‘Daddy can you do my hair please.’ And I consider myself handy. Change a nappy, no worries. Bit of DIY round the house, no problem. But there is something about plaits, buns and pigtails that render me, well, all thumbs.

So I salute single dad Philippe Morgese (of Florida) – who I guess didn’t have a choice, for showing us how it is done. Faced with the prospect of his daughter walking out the door with a bird’s nest everyday, he decided he had to skill up. As BuzzFeed reports, Philippe started simple. First he got the hair clips right, then he graduated to pigtails.

We decided to do Princess Leia buns today. You should try them too! May the force be with you :)

Posted by Phil & Emma from Daddy Daughter Hair Factory on Monday, 12 October 2015

Pretty soon he got so good at styling his child’s hair that he started getting compliments from parents at his daughter’s school. Take a look at how good he got. I am betting there are even some mums out there who are just a little intimidated.

One thing led to another and other dads started asking for advice. So Philippe did the right thing and started sharing his newfound hair skills via free classes for father, and his ‘Daddy Daughter Hair Factory’ was born.

The first class was a success! 7 dads and daughters showed up top learn about hair. The commitment these fathers have is admirable. I'm so proud of you guys.

Posted by Phil & Emma from Daddy Daughter Hair Factory on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The concept seems to really have struck a chord with other dads. His Reddit page (1588 comments and counting) is full of gratitude like this from other single dads: “As a single father of a 8yr old girl, thank you for doing this for others.”

So thanks Phil for showing us (dads) the way and making me feel just a little inadequate.

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