Secret squirrel couple hide pregnancy from Nanna for NINE MONTHS!

surprised Nanna

Utah couple Katie and Tannin Pease pulled off one of the best (and most late-term) family pregnancy reveals, when they managed to keep their impending bub a secret from Tannin’s mum until the day before Katie was to be induced!

Content warning: This post discusses baby loss

Rainbow baby

This clever and sneaky surprise mission had a serious motivator as Tannin and Katie – already parents to 4-year-old Cooper and 2-year-old Gray – had experienced the loss of two babies prior to this pregnancy.

“We had been through two miscarriages where we told people we were pregnant and then we had to tell them we weren’t anymore,” Katie said. “That was heartbreaking and we didn’t want to have to go through that again, so it helped waiting so long.”

The couple wanted to save themselves and others potential further heartbreak, but thankfully the pregnancy progressed beautifully and they were able to to slide it by Tannin’s mum Carolynn until the day before they were due to head into hospital to have their bub.

Jeff – Tannin’s dad – knew about the baby from the 20 week mark, but kept it a secret too!

When Carolynn and Jeff arrived for a birthday visit with the family (amazingly the baby was due to be induced on Caroylnn’s birthday), all was quickly, wildly, joyfully revealed!

Struck dumb

The proud (and stealthy) Tannin said his mum was rendered uncharacteristically silent when she saw Katie’s belly.

“[She was] speechless! You see it in the video but ultimately, it was better than I expected. I thought she was going to hit me, but she turned around and hit my dad and kind of laughed it off,” he told ABC News.

The shoosh didn’t last for long… #SquealsHappened

Secret squirrels

Cooper and Gray were also in on the baby news secret, managing to stay hush-hush about the impending birth, despite their tender years.

Tannin said they kept in touch with his parents – who live interstate – via Skype and kept the pregnancy on the down low with some clever camera angles. No suspicions were aroused.

“We Skyped them every once in awhile, but we just made sure to keep the belly out of the picture and keep the two grandkids the center of attention.”

Katie revealed she spent a lot of time in baggy clothes or simply stayed home, away from prying eyes, in the name of secrecy.

The couple wisely locked down their Facebook privacy settings to ensure that no potentially pregnancy-revealing photos leaked out via well-meaning pals, too. (Because we all know that mums have eagle eyes, even when we think we’re hiding something beautifully from them!)

The proud now-dad-of-three said his mum was thrilled with the surprise – a baby boy called Saul.

“[My mom] said to me that it was the best birthday present she’s ever had and was super excited to be able to hold another grandchild,” Tannin said.

Congratulations, Pease gang! Job well done!


Carolynn PeaseCarolynn PeaseCarolynn Pease

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