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Lose Baby Weight, Rhian Allen and her toddler

As much as I’d like to think I would bounce back to my pre-pregnancy body six weeks after my third daughter was born, this was obviously never going to be the case. After putting on 18 kilos during the pregnancy in total, I am please to say that six months after my little one has come along, I am now rid of the excess weight I put on with number three and back in those skinny jeans (although still hanging onto the comfy maternity jeans).

I have never been a gym junkie and with three little ones to care for, the time for looking after myself with healthy food and exercise is limited, as I am sure many parents with small children can attest to. Throw in the severe sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn and I was in a quandary as to how to even start to lose this baby weight and feel better about myself. It’s virtually impossible to hide back fat and muffin tops during the warmer months!

As much as I wish I could compare myself to those supermodels who seem to shed their baby weight within the first few weeks, we all know it’s often thanks to nannies, personal trainers and chefs. “Supermodels like Miranda Kerr have a different body and different metabolism so it’s like comparing apples to oranges and you should never do it,” say Rhian Allen, who turned her back on a stressful corporate career after the birth of her first baby to tap into her passion for good health and nutrition.

“When I was about six months pregnant I started doing some research into post baby weight loss and I found there wasn’t anything that existed on a holistic level. There were fitness groups but nothing offered solutions for mums and when you’ve got a baby you can’t apply the normal weight loss rules. You’re too knackered to go to the gym and it’s about shovelling anything into your mouth when you can,” she says. “From our research we established that mums, especially those breastfeeding, were seeking a really simple weight loss plan to follow.”

Lose Baby Weight


Rhian Allen set about devising a diet and exercise plan specifically for sleep-deprived new mums that promised to shed the baby weight without diets or hard-core exercise. The result is Lose Baby Weight, a simple and safe weight loss plan based on healthy eating, nutrition and exercise. The diet plan hit a nerve with new mums. There are now fifty thousand women following their Facebook page, who collectively have shed 300,000 kilos (not including my twelve kilos!)

“In an ideal world we’d all eat freshly prepared organic food and work out with a personal trainer every day. But unless you have lots of money and a nanny, our program is about doing five minutes of exercise here and there at home and making fast nutritious food. Our philosophy is to fuel your body from a nutrimental basis by eating lots of nutrient-rich whole grains, fibre, coloured foods, berries, eggs, spinach, lean meats, flax seeds and oats because then you’ll naturally lose weight,” says Allen.

The goal is not to overdo it but to lose one kilo per week. Exercise is also key. In addition to the diet plan, there’s Allen’s weight loss bible, exercise videos, expert tips and practical advice on breastfeeding and sleep settling. You can follow The Healthy Mummy Smoothies plan to lose weight or use the Twenty-eight Day Diet and Exercise Plan, though many mums use a combination of both for greater flexibility with meal planning and to have a structure to follow.

My method is to have the smoothies for breakfast and lunch, as it’s quick, easy and delicious. I then have lots of snacks throughout the day and a healthy dinner. The Healthy Mummy Smoothie is safe in breastfeeding and is used by both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mums. You just replace your breakfast and lunch with a smoothie or choose one of the meals from the Twenty-eight Day Diet and Exercise Plan (there are meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and lots of snacks). I also eat snacks during the day from the diet plans and snack suggestions on the website. They show you how to incorporate easy and simple exercise into your life and all plans come with full guidance and the free Pink Weight Loss Bible.

Lose Baby Weight have just launched the Twenty-eight Day Diet and Exercise Plan as a printed book, along with access to the e-book version and the bonus Winter Warmer Seven Day Plan, which includes shopping lists, daily meal, exercise plans and over 120 recipes for $39.95.

After using the smoothies for three months now, I can highly recommend Lose Baby Weight as a safe and easy option to lose those extra kilos. I am going to stick with it for a while longer as I still want to shed those last few kilos. The Healthy Mummy Smoothies start at $42 and the packages start at $72.


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