Savvy Auntie – be the best Auntie ever!


There are those that have embraced the idea of being the very best
Auntie in the world – the one who does all the fun stuff,
gives the parents a break, has a deeply fulfilling relationship with
the kids, and who gets to hand them back at the end of the day! Our
kids have a fab Great Aunt who never tires of holding the baby, jumps
at the chance to see them, and who can give a stern order
when needed.

Now here’s a parenting website dedicated to non-parents – those essential people who care so much and take such an interest
in our young people, but for whom there is often very little support and information.
Savvy Auntie
provides fun and useful articles on topics such as nutrition,
the value of reading, special needs, activities and entertainment, and
there’s even a forum for swapping ideas with other cool Aunties!

Savvy Auntie also deals with tricky topics that can crop up when
dealing with children such as establishing boundaries,
feelings of favouritism for a particular child, and identifying when a
child may need professional help.
Having resources to draw from that have a significant other’s
perspective in mind, will no doubt serve to enrich children’s lives.

Savvy Auntie’s
founder Melanie Notkin realised how little information there was in cyberspace for people such as herself – an enthusiastic ABR
(Auntie By Relation) and ABC (Auntie By Choice) – yes there’s even ‘Savvy-Speak’! She’s filled the gap admirably with the development of Savvy Auntie.

The site has an advisory board and panel of experts who contribute articles, advise and conduct ongoing research.
The site was launched just weeks ago, and is still in the process of being perfected, hence the Beta sign near the logo. I can’t
wait to see what more the ‘Auntiepedia’ will have to offer. Check out the blog and forums too.

Savvy Auntie is sure
to be one that I forward on to the women in our lives who love kids!

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