Save gadgets from little teeth with D.Toy Teething Toys

D.Toy Teething Toys

D.Toy Teething Toys

Teething babies will chew just about anything for relief – even household gadgets. These nifty decoys will take the bite out of teething for both babies and parents.

Why is it that babies seem to be magnetically drawn to remote controls and phones? In turn, said items seems to disappear straight into the abyss that is a child’s mouth. Children also seem to love playing with anything that isn’t a toy. One of my favourite distractions for my youngest child is my iPhone cover. But mouthing such things is both unhygienic and annoying for the person who cops a slobbered item.

D.Toy Teething Toys

These new D.Toy Teething Toys look just like a remote control or phone, but are made from solid silicon. They’re lovely and chewable for babes who are into mouthing everything in sight and are also a great distraction from the real thing. The D.Toys are BPA free and durable, so they’re able to withstand those sharp little first teeth which can destroy just about anything.

D.Toy Teething Toys

They come in a rainbow of bright colours from Where’s My Milk? for $14 each.

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