Eye-rolls, hands on hips, and lots of sass! Are you living with a threenager?

If you’re wrangling a sassy preschool girl who wants NONE of your boundaries or enthusiasm, you might relate to these three little girls who are also doing life their way.

You do you

Under-5 girls not only seem to be suddenly pushing 25, they tend to drop the kinds of world-wise truth bombs that can burn us to the core.

Yes, they will call you out on that rogue hair that’s growing above your top lip. They’ll let everyone know if you’re using a public rest room – and what you’re doing – too. And if you’re trying something on in a fitting room, they’re not going to hold back when it comes to some tiny fashion policing and possible giggling at your body. It’s just their way.

Their innocent-yet-so-very-all-knowing ‘tude might have you face-palming like a total boss, but the extra cute thing about the sass is that it’s often rooted in truth – and a reminder that being yourself is innate in kids.

We can learn from this! We can! Just add a titch more diplomacy and you’re good to go! Here’s 3 little girls that make their own rules…

Exhibit One: Don’t tell me not to roll my eyes



Snow White? Nu-uh. You can keep your creepy lady with her yesterday hairdo because Miss Sass is actually eating her Mac and Cheese right now. Okay, thanks.

This scores an 11/10 on the Sassometer. Perhaps you have your own little side-eye-r at home?


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Posted by Capri Quiles on Friday, 19 May 2017

Exhibit Two: Don’t say I can’t touch a thing

“I turn my back for one second… ONE SECOND,” a mum laugh-cries-hysterically-shrieks in a video shared to Facebook. Cue relentless sobbing from Mum – and a wry look and raised brow from Miss Sass. 

This little girl laughs in the face of “keep out of reach of children” and just wants to work on her look, thank you very much.


I think we've all been there Mila…🤷🏻‍♀️💺✈️ #funnyvideo

Posted by Kcstauffer on Friday, 19 May 2017

Exhibit Three: Don’t talk to me

This Sass-ette has had enough of entitled adults expecting her to converse freely to them, on demand. Your patronising chit-chat and friendship hankering is apparently none of her business. Feel the (poopy) burn, people. This preschooler has no time for your nonsense.

Is a little girl bringing the sass at your place? Are you knee-deep in eye-rolls and hands-on-hip too?!

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