Safety Nets for Life – keeping children out of harm’s way

Safety nets for life

Safety nets for life

At least fifty children are injured falling from windows and balconies in Australia, hospital statistics show. Most sustain serious injuries and, for the tragic few, those injuries are ongoing or fatal. Of course, we all know that if there is any potentially dangerous area in our homes, chances are a child will find it and often dramatically! We need to be sure we can leave our kids safely in all areas of our homes.

Balcony and window safety nets have been a long-accepted fact of life in many parts of the world, but until last year they were virtually unheard of in Australia. In fact, it wasn’t until August 2011 that the first safety net was installed on an apartment balcony in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, and it was put there by this company, Safety Nets for Life.

Safety nets for life

Company founders Luciana and Karl moved to Sydney from Brazil only a few years ago and were immediately struck by the need for the kind of netting systems which are part of everyday life in their native country. They began importing safety nets to be used on windows, stairs, balconies and mezzanine levels.

The nets can be installed inside or outside, and provide a safe environment for children and pets without compromising the appearance of your home. They are removable and reusable. Safety Nets for Life imports two different kinds of safety nets from South America. One can be self-installed, and the other requires the company’s own tradespeople to install. The products can be shipped worldwide. For more information and for quotes, contact Safety Nets for Life directly.

Safety nets for life

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