Safe, sunny days with the Shade-A-Babe pram cover

Shade a Babe

Shade a Babe pram suncover

With that glorious, trademark Aussie summer sun almost upon us, our thoughts are turning to outdoor play, and of course, protection from those harmful rays.

I’ve often been caught short while taking a stroll, and have resorted to throwing whatever’s handy over the pram as shade for my kids – be it a wrap, blanket or jacket. Something a little sturdier, stylish, and above all safe from the sun is the new soft, solar screen mesh Shade-A-Babe from Outlook.

This crafty shade is endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Australia, and is designed in Australia for our harsh conditions. It’s a universal shade that can be used for three or four wheeled prams, as well as single and double prams.

Shade a Babe pram suncover

So what’s unique about it? It has three layers, aimed at providing protection from the sun, glare, wind and insects – and the double front section blocks ninety-two per cent of light – so sleeping babies are given the best chance to stay asleep!

If you have any concern about the breathability aspect of using a sun shade, Shade-A-Babe’s manufacturers claim its unique design allows for good airflow. Toddlers are often reticent to be enclosed in a shade anyway, so the front can be unzipped. Take a look at the video to get a better idea of how the shade works.

The Shade-A-Babe is $49.95 for the single, and $69.95 for the double, and comes in a range of colours, including a designer option.

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