“True story!” Ryan Reynolds reveals he saved his nephew’s life

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

#HeroAlert – Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively seem determined to use their high profiles for good, and their latest positive push encourages everyone to learn CPR – so we can save lives like Ryan did!

Saving lives like Ryan

The couple undertook a CPR refresher course recently and posted matching shots to Instagram with captions explaining how important – and potentially life-saving – first aid training can be.

Blake and Ryan are parents to two little girls, James and Ines, and were obviously brushing up on these very important skills with their girls in mind.

In his Instagram post about their CPR adventures, the Deadpool star revealed that having a grasp of basic first aid procedures meant he was able to step in and save his young nephew’s life!

“True story!”

This confirmed that he’s not only a hero on screen, but in real life too (although he sensibly didn’t go into any other details about his nephew’s medical emergency).

Ryan’s experience is a sage reminder that we really can make a difference when someone’s in trouble, possibly in a life-altering way. All it takes is some basic first-aid know-how. #WhatAreYouWaitingFor?!

“Years ago, I took a CPR course thru the Red Cross. And holy shit, I ended up saving my nephew’s life because I knew what to do! True story!” Ryan posted.

“Yesterday I took a refresher course — focusing on infant and toddler CPR. It takes only a few hours and it’s also kinda, sorta fun… And thank you to these two helpful yet lifeless dolls whose vacant ocular cavities will haunt me until end times,” he elaborated.

We thoroughly concur re helpful-yet-scary dolls. *shudder*

“Peace of mind”

Pipping her hubby at the post, Blake had posted a similar pro-CPR update hours earlier on her own Instagram account. She didn’t have a life-saving story to share, but she did remind parents and carers that forewarned is smartly forearmed.

“ALL MAMAS AND DADDIES OUT THERE—I can’t recommend this enough. I took a CPR class with a focus on babies and toddlers. Google ‘infant CPR class near me’ and you’ll see lots of listings. For those of you who haven’t done it, you will love it. It’s so helpful by giving you knowledge, tools, and some peace of mind,” the Gossip Girl star wrote.

We think it’s time to take this cute couple’s sensible advice and skill up first aid-wise (if you haven’t already!)

Do YOU know basic first aid? Would you know what to do in a life-threatening emergency?



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