Ryan Reynolds perfectly sums up the pain of flying with kids (and other stuff!)

ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account is a realistic – and often harrowing – journey into parenting, so it was no surprise when the actor popped up on American talk show Good Morning America and spoke (pretty much) everybody’s truth about taking kids on a plane.

“God, that’s hard!”

The star, who alongside wife Blake Lively, introduced his two kids to the world at his Hollywood Walk of Fame red carpet ceremony, noted that he’d previously empathised with the challenges parents faced.

“I’ve always had empathy for parents, especially [when] flying,” Reynolds told Good Morning America.

“Before I had kids, I was always like, ‘God, that’s hard.’ You can see they’re sweating and they’re nervous because their kids are yelling and everyone’s mad at them.”

It’s funny because it’s true

Now that Reynolds is a parent himself, his attitude to flying with kids has escalated to a dread-filled next level. He’s been driven deeper into the life-with-preschoolers abyss, it appears.

“I would rather drink a piping-hot bowl of liquid rabies than get on a plane with my two children,” he told the GMA panel. Oh how they all laughed and nodded.

It seems we’re not the only ones counting down the minutes to hitting the tarmac and pondering Lost-style dream sequences as we clutch small children during a flight.

Reynolds is equally wild-eyed and desperate, patrolling the aisles and just wishing it would all be over right now!

“At 2 years old, they just have to rip all their clothes off and introduce themselves to everyone on the plane. And it’s just like, ‘Please, can we land in a farmer’s field?'”

The dark side of parenting

Reynolds has been regaling his followers with funny and/or cynical tweets about parenting since his daughter James made her appearance.

Some of them are hilarious, some of them are weirdly uncomfortable, some of them are completely Wrongtown.

Still, we’re fairly sure that Reynolds does not care if he’s crossing the line at times, more interested in writing cleverly and wittily in less than 140 characters.

Here’s a little taste of the dad life of Ryan. Complete with toddler tattoos and leather masks… (We know. It’s a joke. Etc.)

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